IT Support Services

IT Networking

IT is the heart of your business communication

We help you realise the potential within your business technology to create a more efficient way of working.

Adaptive IT office networks can successfully manage and monitor the operations of your business much more efficiently, save time, increase productivity and improve the service you give to your customers.

We have successfully installed and configured new IT networks for start up businesses through to established clients who needed to make a technology jump in their existing infrastructure to support their growth / change strategies.

Information Technology

Expertly translating technical language for you

Our IT consultants are interested in getting to know your individual business needs before making any formal recommendations for a network solution that works for you.

We try and adopt a plain English speaking policy, where appropriate. For the client that needs to visualise technology, we offer an on-site demonstration, so that the client doesn’t get lost in all the technical terminology.

We proactively work with existing clients that have no existing or little on-site IT expertise, and work hand in hand with IT managers as an IT partner to help with larger and more complex projects.

Our aim has always been to ensure we deliver an unequivocal service and optimum customer satisfaction.

Project Management – Business Relocations

Taking the stress away

Just the thought of relocating your business to new premises or the integration of multiple locations can be an extremely daunting and arduous business.

When working on business relocation projects our technical consultants and engineers bring together their expertise to achieve a successful and seamless transition, avoiding any loss of business productivity.

In the project management programme we work alongside our trusted business partners to install the required cabling for voice and data services. We also work hand in hand with BT channel partners for all telecommunications.

Support and Facilities Management

A helping hand when you need it most

For many businesses the management of their IT systems can seem quite complex and challenging when time consuming problems occur. Allowing us to manage your IT support lets your workforce concentrate on core business activities.

Our dedicated support personnel have inherited comprehensive experience in support services, working with clients to resolve system faults. In most scenarios we diagnose the problem remotely, which then allows the client to be fully operational avoiding any disruption to their working day. In cases where remote services cannot resolve the issue an on-site visit from a technical engineer is then required.

A facilities management contract offers a reliable and cost-effective route to ensure your technology runs smoothly.


Giving you the knowledge

In today’s competitive business environment, it is vital that your most valuable assets, your workforce are fully trained to handle your business IT technology in order to maximise the service they provide both to internal colleagues and to your company’s clients.

Following all IT project upgrades / changes that you make to your technology, where necessary, we can train key staff to manage the changes and keep the network running efficiently.

Remote Access, WAN & VPN

Master your time, perfectly

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is taking time off work, that’s why our IT consultants believe, you don’t have to be at your desk to be in control.

The key to controlling your business lifestyle, rather than the business controlling you, is to expand your office network to allow remote access from Small Office Home Office (SOHO) locations.

This is a huge advantage for the business professional and the workforce that require flexible working hours. Remote services allow this facility and gives you access to the same functionality and performance as if you were in the office.

Many of our business clients now have remote access technology installed. This gives complete flexibility and the choice of working from remote locations when appropriate.

Wireless Technology

Tomorrow’s technology, today

Introducing wireless technology can be a great enhancement to your existing IT infrastructure, recent research shows that today’s professionals are at their desk only 30% of the time and frequent business travellers it’s even lower.

Many public places such as hotels, coffee shops and airport departure lounges provide wireless network access that enables internet and email connectivity from your portable device or computer. With hotspots growing rapidly it makes sense to have wireless technology to give you complete flexibility, convenience and helps you stay mobile.

In a wireless consultation, we review your individual working patterns and discuss the most advanced security features available before any recommendations are issued.

Business Partners

Working together superbly

Over a period of time our consultants have developed solid relationships with our business partners who deliver high standards of workmanship and a professional client service.

They include an award winning telecommunications company, along with trusted cabling partners and highly reputable Internet Service Providers.

By combining joint expertise our IT projects are successful in terms of completion of work within agreed timescales and customer satisfaction.